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Preventing Fraud, Waste, & Abuse: Medicare & Medicaid

Complete the course at your own pace.

This is a 3.0 Credit Hours Ethics Course for Texas!

Review the online text material and pass an online exam to receive credit. Test can be taken an unlimited number of times and passing grade of 70% needed to receive credit.

Course Description:

This course equips insurance agents to effectively combat healthcare fraud in three comprehensive lessons. The course covers the distinctions between fraud, waste, and abuse, highlighting improper payments in Medicare and Medicaid. Agents delve into strategies, organizations, and programs for detecting and preventing fraud, including insights into COVID-19 schemes and CMS efforts. The final lesson focuses on practical approaches to fight fraud, emphasizing personal information protection and reporting mechanisms. Through engaging activities like case studies, participants develop the skills needed to recognize fraud, apply preventive measures, and collaborate for effective fraud deterrence.