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Introduction to the ACA and Health Insurance Marketplaces

Complete the course at your own pace.

This is a 3.0 Credit Hours ACA (Affordable Care Act) Course for Texas!

Review the online text material and pass an online exam to receive credit. Test can be taken an unlimited number of times and passing grade of 70% needed to receive credit.

Course Description:

The course "Introduction to the ACA and Health Insurance Marketplaces" provides a comprehensive understanding of the ACA and its implications on the healthcare system. Students delve into the history, objectives, and key provisions of the ACA, gaining insights into its evolution and purpose. The course explains the intricacies of Health Insurance Exchanges, including their various types, roles, and operational mechanisms. The course also examines the multifaceted impact of the ACA on insurance agents, consumers, and the broader healthcare landscape, fostering a nuanced understanding of its implications.